What Are the 7 Winners of Taiwanese Televised Singing Competition “One Million Star” Up to Today?

The Taiwanese televised singing competition “One Million Star” is one of the largest talent searches in Taiwan. It began to air on January 5, 2007, hosted by Matilda Tao Ching-Ying with 7 seasons in total. The aim of the show is to find aspirated young singers who has the best qualities to become a superstar.

Winner of first season – Yoga Lin

During the competition, he once contemplated to quit the competition due to the elimination of his good friend, Eddie Tsai. Luckily, the show producers has persuaded him to stay and regained his determination, achieving five rounds of perfect scores with 20 points and above.

After emerging as the winner in Season One, Yoga Lin signed a six-year contract with HIM International Music, and released two compilation albums and the soundtrack of TV series Bull Fighting. The star journey of him can be described as smooth-sailing and he is a mentor on a new talent search reality programme “Jungle Voice” looking to recruit talented contestants on the programme. Yoga Lin is also married to Kiki Ting (a Taiwanese singer) in 2017, and has a son.

Winner of second season – Yuming Lai

Prior to joining the One Million Star Season 2, Yuming already has 7 years of singing experience. He has yet been in the failure zone before in the competition and after emerged as the winner for season 2, he formed a Taiwanese rock band with Jane Huang (7th place in season 2) and the band released its debut album “Live For You” on 25 August 2008. However both of them went inactive after the release of second album in 2010 until in 2016, where Yuming finally released his solo Taiwanese album, shortlisted for the Best Taiwanese Male Singer Award.

Winner of season 3 – Lala Hsu

Lala Hsu won the season 3 with a self-composed and written song ‘Riding A White Horse’, which combines elements of traditional Taiwanese opera music with pop music. Lala made her debut in 2009 with her self-titled debut album, which earned her six nominations and won her the Best Newcomer title at the 21st Golden Melody Awards. In 2016, Hsu was a participant of the fourth season of I Am a Singer which gained her wider attention in China. Last year,  she won the Best Mandarin Female Singer at the 29th Golden Melody Awards.

Winner of season 4 – Queenie Fang

Queenie faced elimination before during the competition, but successfully turned the table around during the resurrection round, and after 7 months of tough competition, she finally emerged as the season 4 winner.

Queenie does not have the opportunity to release her album after the competition. As such, she turned towards the actress path and acted in television dramas such as Sun After The Rain (雨後驕陽) and Far And Away (外鄉女-愛人的選擇). Nonetheless, she has never give up on her singer dream. During her time starring in dramas she got to sing many songs produced by famous composers. Finally in 2018, Queenie released her own mini album “心途”.

Winner of season 5 – Dennis Sun

Dennis participated in One Million Stars Season 5 under his friends’ encouragements. He won season 5 with the songs ‘頭髮亂了’ by Jacky Cheung, and ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles. However, Dennis is one of the singers who have yet released an album after emerging as a winner. In 2013, he participated in the mainland talent show “Chinese Idol” and becomes popular again, but was eliminated at Top 12. He remains optimistic and continues to work hard in the entertainment field.

Winner of season 6 – Hu Xia

Hu Xia was 19 years old when he left for Taiwan to participate in the singing competition One Million Star Season 5 in 2010. At the beginning of the competition, The host Tao Ching-Ying had predicted that he would be the champion. The judges also consistently gave him high praise for his singing performances. He released an album “胡 爱夏” in 2010. The next year, Hu Xia sang the theme song Those Years (那些年) for the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye and rose to popularity.

Movie ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’

Winner of season 7 – Jess Lee

Jess Lee is the first Malaysian (at the age of 22) to win in the competition and even broke the record of scoring the highest mark of 30 four times consecutively in the final round. She released her first album ‘Thank You My Love’ under the label of Warner Music Taiwan in September 2011. One of the track song Suffering (煎熬) also showcases her low to very high note vocal ability (watch her live performance here).